I was doing some camera homework on upcoming Nikon cameras and stumbled upon this “mammoth” camera.  Jcphoto TV introduces to you the new Nikon D800. The new D800, they say, will pack 36 megapixels on a full frame FX sensor, and essentially forgo advances in low-light performance in order to produce a medium-cost studio camera instead of a lower-cost prosumer one. The rumored $4000 price puts it out of most enthusiasts’ reach, and the high megapixel count makes it less practical for sports and field photography.

Video will be 1080p/30, though they may add additional framerates. The LCD will be larger and brighter (likely with an improvement in resolution as well), and there will be two CF cards slots and one SD. The four frame per second burst speed won’t wow anyone, but I’m guessing that is a deliberate decision given the reassigned priorities. The release date is rumored to be November 24th, with an announcement on October 26th.  It’s all speculation, of course, until the information is truly out there. And until the cameras are actually reviewed, the capabilities are merely theoretical. Patience is the word today for Nikon fans.

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